City Pedicab Tours - Free Pickup's

New York City Pedicab Rickshaw Tours Free Hotels Restaurants Pick-ups

NYC Rickshaw Tours: Hotels & Restaurants Free Pick-ups n drop-off's

Pedicab Free Pick ups and Drop Offs

NYC Pedicab Drivers at work
Pedicab Tours.
See All NYC landmarks like Central Park, Times Square, Rockefeller center, ride anywhere Midtown, Manhatan with unlimited stops, paparazzo pictures, professional rickshaw guys.
Pedicabs has a conopy to keep you out of the heat, rain and blankets to keep you warm in winter.
Free Pick-ups at Midtown, Manhattan Restaurants and Hotels.

Was... Adults $150Kids $120
Book Online is Safe, Easy & Saving!  Now... Adults $75 kids $70

City Pedicab / Rickshaw Tour
- Duration: 1 or 2Hrs

- Free Pick ups and Drop off
- Professional Licensed Guides and Drivers
- Multiple Stops (Stops are Optional)
- Free Paparazzo Pictures
- Drop off of choice

Advance Booking Highly Recommended!